How to install / setup Xtream-Codes connection in ViX4E2PROJECT 4.0

1) While on live TV press MENU, highlight System Plugins and press OK

2) In the Plugin Browser menu press Download plugins (Green Button)

3) Highlight extensions and press OK to expand the section

4) Scroll down and highlight xcplugin and press OK

5) You will be asked if you want to download the plugin. Highlight yes and press OK

6) The download and installation process will begin

7) After a short time the download and install will complete and you will be returned to the previous menu

8) Press the EXIT key and you will be returned to the Plugin Browser menu - DO NOT OPEN THE XTREAM-CODES PLUGIN YET!

9) Instead while still in the Plugin Browser menu press the MENU button and you will be presented with the menu below

10) The top three options (XC Server URL, Username, Password) are where you can set the server connection details

11) These can be typed in on each line via the remote control number keys
(like typing a text message on an old mobile phone)

If you prefer while on one of the three sections you can press the TEXT key to show the Virtual KeyBoard (much easier!)

Remember you DO NOT need to enter the first http:// part of the address
This will automatically be added to the start of the URL you enter when you connect

12) When you have completed the three sections of information then on while on the menu bellow press OK (Green Button)

13) Now back in the Plugin Browser menu scroll down and highlight Xtream-Codes IPTV and press OK

14) If you got all your settings correct will launch straight to your Xtream-Codes interface as below
The choice of what you have option wise here will be determined by the provider

15) You can see some an examples below of what you might see depending on what the provider offers

16) When you are ready to exit the plugin press the EXIT button to be returned to the menu example below

17) Press EXIT again and you will be asked if you want to Exit Plugin? Highlight yes and press OK

That's all folks!